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Warbird Flight Adventures

For a limited time, the Delaware Aviation Museum is proud to offer you the chance to not only walk a mile in the shoes of the greatest generation and other heroes, but soar on the wings of the legendary aircraft in the DAMF collection.

Additionally, the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation, in addition to the Capital Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, located in Culpepper, Virginia, will be offering a unique opportunity to fly in a number of unique warbird aircraft.

Listed below are the aircraft participatiing in the unique and exciting opportunity. Click on the photo below of the aircraft you would like to take the flight of a lifetime in, then select your seat and pay for your flight on the next page.

DAMF Aircraft

B-25J Mitchell "Panchito"

B-25 Mitchell "Panchito"


Twin-engine, twin-tail WWII medium bomber, famous for the Doolittle Raid
on Tokyo after taking off from the aircraft carrier "Hornet". This aircraft has
two 1,700 hp radial engines identical to the one on the TBM Avenger. This
specific B-25 was featured in the movie "Pancho Barnes".

6 seats available for each flight (30 minutes duration, with a minimum
of 3 people needed for each flight)

Click on the photo to reserve your seat on this aircraft.

Capital Wing - Commemorative Air Force Aircraft

General Motors TBM Avenger "Doris Mae"

General Motors TBM Avenger "Doris Mae"

Famous American WWII torpedo bomber with an unobstructed view from
Observer seat behind pilot. It has a Wright Twin Cyclone 14-cylinder engine
1,700 hp (same engine used on the B-25) and is the largest, heaviest, single-
engine bomber of WWII. Its wings fold and rotate to fit on aircraft carrier.

2 seats are available - Observer and Turret Seat, located behind the
pilot - for each flight (30 minutes duration).

Click on the photo to reserve your seat on this aircraft.


Boeing PT-17 Stearman

Boeing PT-17 Stearman

A WWII Primary Trainer, this open cockpit bi-plane was used to introduce
almost all US Army and Navy pilots to flight instruction. This aircraft is one of
only 8 Stearman in the world with USCG livery

1 seat available (30 minutes duration)

Click on the photo to reserve your seat on this aircraft.

Stinson L-5 Sentinel "Gayle Ann"

Stinson L-5 Sentinel

The Stinson L-5 was used as one of the first Forward Air Controller aircraft in
WWII South Pacific. This aircraft allows outstanding views from its "all glass"
canopy and is perfect for aerial photography.

1 seat availaible.

Click on the photo to reserve your seat on this aircraft.



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